Medical & Digital promotion

A medical communications (Medipro) department at HealthMinds provides consultancy services to the pharmaceutical industry, hospitals and healthcare professionals by helping them raise awareness of medicines via development and production of materials that deal specifically with medicine or health care. The MediPro team gather, organize, interpret, and present information in a manner appropriate for the target audience. We provide a combination of clinical expertise, communication and writing skill with marketing insights to create right plan for your brand communication.

Why Choose Us?

We take the time to get to know our clients, and it shows in our results. Our writing team is prepared to work within your schedule and your vision to produce quality medical content that meets your essentials. Whether it’s online or print marketing materials you need, you’ll be provided with educational and appealing health content written to your exact specifications


To improve patient communication and increase case acceptance, we offer to enhance the case presentation with research-driven patient education scripts for videos, brochures, news articles and books
We develop online platform and learning programmes for the training of the sales team. These continuous learning programmes are aimed at enhancing, updating and reinstating the knowledge of the sales force. In addition, we develop high quality medical content deliverables used as marketing tool by the pharmaceutical companies.
Our scientific and medical advertorial write-ups combines the skills of a copyediter and article writer to sell a medical product or service in a story form. The write-ups are deadline oriented and capable of producing high-quality and engaging advertorials within tight time-frames
Presenting at a scientific meeting requires an appealing slide or poster presentation that represents your research perfectly and communicates your data clearly and effectively. Dart writers specialists are available to prepare the effective abstracts and presentation materials you need.
The team offers to present the complex medical information in a way that is visually stimulating and easily understandable to better engage target audience
From designing your UI to bring it to reality, we take care of your web development needs throughout the complete lifecycle. We write contents for your website, design the UI and UX for better experience and develop the website with cutting edge development techniques and frameworks.
Our experienced, professional medical writers with a potential marketing team offers high quality medical content written in the form of blogs to help patients understand information about their health
We provide cutting edge digital marketing solutions viz. Search Engine Optimization, Online Reputation Management, PPC Campaigns, Email Marketing, Online Brand Setting, Online Advertisement Solutions that helps your business thrive and outskirt your rivals in the market
We provide high quality services in order to manage all of your social media profiles that helps you in getting the right exposure online that you or your organization deserve. We manage your social media profiles viz. your facebook, linkedin or twitter pages to improve your online visibility to sustain and lead the market by reaching your target audience with profound precision.


Expertise and knowledge

Our medical communicators at HealthMinds integrate a myriad of scientific knowledge into comprehensive communication for an extremely diverse target audience ranging from the general public, to doctors and to pharmaceutical institutions.

Proper planning and performance

Medical communicators at HealthMinds deliver strategic planning experience by managing high-level projects with highly ordered vision.

Commitment and drive

The team exhibit a highest standard of ability to successfully complete projects under short timelines.

Effective communication

We offer a strong communication skills with presenting recent information associated with market awareness. We deliver high level concepts to a diverse audience

100% Plagiarism free

Each custom written assignment is unique and will have no plagiarism at all. Every essay is checked for any instances of similarity at all stages to make sure you receive the final product exactly as you specified it initially.

Practical and creative

The communicators believe that the key to success is being able to clearly convey the target audience a specific message with creative writing. The writers leverage their scientific and medical expertise to advocate for the latest technology and therapies.